Old Captain's House - Vacation Home on Historic Point of New Orleans.
Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? If you do, let us help you remember with a visit or a long stay. If you don't know what it means to miss New Orleans- let us show you.
Captains, Deckhands, Travelers and Residents alike- come enjoy what is known as "The Best Kept Secret In The CITY"- The POINT!
Old Captain's House has undergone 'major' renovations to restore its original Victorian Era. From the ornate exterior gingerbread verandas and balcony to the iron gates details abound.  The posh interior rooms bring you back to a time gone by. Ceilings boast 14 ft or higher with ornate chandelier and old southern blowing fans.Original hard wood floors throughout are a glorious reminder of care given to every step. Chimney and/or mantels in every room are the heart of decor. 
The hospitality and sweet demeanor of the entire quaint neighborhood will make you wish you lived in the storybook village. Enjoy watching delightful friends pass on by as you sip a refreshing tea from the front porch rocker.  A wonderful place to be with a cafe' only one door away, old time pizza place, cupcake shop, pubs on corners and playgrounds too. It is like an island untouched in the big city of New Orleans. Walk one block from the Captain's House to the Mississippi River. Then, walk the levy to a ferry boat. Free to pedestrians, ride to the French Quarter in just minutes. Spend your time in and about the town. And know you will return to a wonderful fluffy bed and the same wonderful feelings Captain's have enjoyed in the house for years gone by. 
Known by elders in the neighborhood who passed on stories of the house being rich and full of life for the Boat Captain's to stay years before. It is now being returned to it's authenticity by opening its doors as a vacation house or place to stay, not only to Captain's but all who are in desire for the same feeling of Old Captain's House..  Ask about our weekly and monthly stays.
Let us help in your plans.
Old Captain's House
339 Verret St.
New Orleans, LA. 70114
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